Discussion with a Norwegian atheist

Ishmael Abraham As an orthodox Muslim, I find more in common with Christians than atheists.
The Norwegian Atheist Of course you do, you share the same god, many of the prophets and the same history. The Koran is just another version of the bible as the bible is just another version of the Torah and the Torah is just another version of some earlier works. But remember that we are in the same boat. I don’t care that you are a Muslim or anything else as long as we can work together for a better and more peaceful future and get get of those rock. There are about 1 billion Muslim belivers (not counting those who just call themselves Muslims and do not believe here) . That is one Heck of a work force which could contribute greatly for the common good of earth. Just think how much 1 billion people could accomplish if they used their brain power and muscles to build new tech invent new medicine and plant new trees , build wells to water the desert and make that fertile.
Ishmael Abraham American scholar Hamza Yusuf explains that it is pornography which radicalizes young Muslims into becoming terrorists, and porn is endorsed by most atheists. So, there cannot be true peace unless Muslim-majority countries become free of pornography. Just like westerners have secular democracy, Muslim-majority countries have a right to have theocracies. Even Dawkins is a self-professed porn evangelist who has publicly encouraged using porn as a weapon of cultural imperialism against Islam. I am an electrical engineer myself so if you want to promote science in the Muslim world, stop being porn evangelists like Dawkins.



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