An arrogant modernist speaks about liberal reformers and radical Islamists  

Adis Duderija

· I posted this powerful excerpt on the importance of understanding the appropriation of and contestations over cultural history of muslims from a book by Prof. Afsaruddin but it is worth reminding ourselves of it every now and again:"For the believing Muslim, this historical-hermeneutic project remains a worthwhile and even urgent today. Given the fact that Islam’s formative period remains contested among many, reclamation of this past in a responsible and historically defensible way must remain part and parcel of every contemporary reformist project that wishes to gain broad legitimacy and acceptance….this project of reclamation is being done more credibly today by those we have termed “modernist’ and/or “reformist” Muslims (called “liberal: or “moderate” by others) than by the hard-line Islamists. These modernists have imbibed more than a drop of their illustrious forbearers’ penchant for robust faith, creative thinking, and fidelity to core principles of their religion .In contrast, the illiberal and radical Islamists, for all their protestations to the contrary, have to a large degree undermined these core principles and betrayed the legacy of the earliest Muslims in their nihilistic quest for political power." Frist Muslims,
Ibn Khaldun dealt with history in a carefully orthodox way like Abdullah bin Mubarak and Ahmad bin Hanbal. For example he defends Ameer Mu’awiyah by saying that he did his best to reform the evil tendencies of Yazid and he used to scold Yazid for listening to music, so if he did not condone music, how could he condone attempted murder if he could foreknow. The liberal Muslims no matter how informed about western culture have at least the musical tendencies of Yazid. Even Syed Qutb who is portrayed by both practically Godless and professedly Godless Zionists as a radical Islamist says: Do not try to achieve absolute reformation in a lifetime because that can involved unjust bloodshed, so may Allah inspire all sacred political activists with a similar fear of Allah’s displeasure at prospective unjust bloodshed
Your comment is not worth a reply.
Prof. Afsaruddin never fails to amaze me wth her keen insight.
And her command of language is stupendous
Allahumma inna aoodhubika minal kibril almaniyyoon wa hadathiyyoon. May Allah protect us from arrogance of modernists and secularists who are polite to enemies and arrogant to their brothers in faith.


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