Refuting a xenophobic article by a British journalist about supposed moral imperialism of Merkel

Islam is compatible with many traditional and modern western values, including German values. Knietsche had a positive perception of Islam in his book Antichrist which he claimed will be posthumously understood. Al-Ghazali, the eleventh century theologian taught that Islam and its underlying moral and legal objectives aim to preserve an individual’s life, religion, intellect, lineage, and property. This was developed hundreds of years before John Locke’s conception of natural rights and the Declaration of Colonial Rights in 1774. In summary, the concept of individual rights and liberties are established values in the Islamic tradition.

I am an orthodox and orthoprax Muslim electrical engineer from Pakistan, and a student of sacred texts of Tafsir, Hadith and Ahlulbayt which we consider the universal Ark of Salvation in this life and the next in the global flood and firestorm of Godlessness, promiscuity and alcoholism, pornography and other biblical evils. I find the following comment blindly and ignorantly xenophobic {Far from being an act of human kindness, Merkel’s grand gesture will result in untold human misery that will endure beyond our lifetimes.} I do not find any of the following supposed standards of integration antinomian(haram). { The assumption has always been that they will soon all be wearing lederhosen, supporting Bayern Munich and believing in the equality of the sexes. Possibly this is too optimistic.} I think an orthodox and orthoprax Muslim will prefer Bundhosen while working because sacred law stipulates that men should not uncover the area from navel to knees even to other men. Supporting a football team is great because football keeps a believer healthy. Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him said that a healthier and stronger believer is better. I like Benedict Cumberbatch due to his religious role in 12 years a slave as William Prince Ford a Christian preacher about whom Northup said: There never was a more kind, noble, candid Christian man than William Ford. This accords with Quran 90:11-13 where God teaches that one should liberate slaves to liberate his soul from Hellfire. And, Islam teaches that a mother is superior to father in some ways. Even the most recited names of God in prayer in Islam are Al-Rahman Al-Rahim derived from rahm meaning womb.So, Islamic tradition is more maternal in nature than paternal western tradition. Jeff HaycockLiberalism includes the freedom to.
1. Produce consented Pornography. 2. Drink alcohol (and should include the right to take other drugs). 3. Equality for homosexuals and women. 4. Freedom to worship and religion. 5. Freedom from religion. 6. Freedom of speech to mock and ridicule all ideas including religion.
Are these compatible with Islam as it is generally practiced? All the evidence suggests “no". Ishmael Abraham As long as you do not kill millions for sodomy, porn and blasphemy in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan and do that in your own homes or homelands, I have no problem with them, because Jesus peace be upon him will deal with that when he returns as a Muslim king.
Jeff Haycock Cool. Hopefully you will come to Britain and do some preaching in mosques to persuade British Muslims that Islam teaches that pornography, atheism and homosexuality is to be respected.
As far as I am aware it is Hamas that kills people for sodomy. By law. Ishmael Abraham I will not respect unholy evils unto death and will steadfastly keep trying to non-violently liberate human souls from them. Hamas is a democratically elected government but it should have anti-sodomy laws if it wants divine assistance is their struggle for freedom.
Daljeet Singh PS: This is the same Hamza that would advocate death for apostasy, and “gayism". The same Hamza that claims secularism, SECULARISM caused the deaths of 70+million people. I’ve attended a talk of his and not only was he disappointing, he also highlighted how Islam and western society are incompatible. Sorry Ishmael, you’ll either have to watch all his stuff or we’re gonna have to disagree here. Unless Hamza has changed his views in the past 5 years which I doubt. Ishmael Abraham Guru Nanak was not a secularist and I read that Sikhism has a political philosophy too, that’s why Sikhs have kirpan and some Sikhs misused that to kill Muslims during partition of India and Pakistan. Guru Nanak did not love sodomy for sure.


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